A novel approach for energy geo-structures to cope with climate change

Fondazione Cmcc - Centro euro-mediterraneo sui cambiamenti climatici

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Tuesday 27 September 2022 h. 12:00-13:00


Energy geo-structures are renewable-energy solutions strongly recommended as mitigation policy tools for facing the issue of global warming. Meanwhile, ongoing climate changes influence society through impacts on cities and structures, potentially affecting their effectiveness and functionalities and requiring assessments regarding adaptation.

With that aim, the webinar proposes a novel approach for a specific energy geo-structure (i.e. energy pile) installed in South Italy. Energy piles are foundation elements in concrete integrated with probes in polyethylene. They allow the extraction of geothermal energy from the ground to heat pump systems and contribute to the electrical energy input that is required for heating and cooling a residential or commercial building. Climate change could impact energy piles structural and thermal performance and investigations on whether adaptation measures could be necessary to maintain their functionality are proposed. The outcomes give key insights into the geotechnical performance and thermal exchange, from a climate-change perspective, to support the future development of energy geo-structures and design strategies. 

In this webinar, Marianna Adinolfi will present the results of the research on these topics.

Marianna Adinolfi, Cmcc – Remhi division

Andrea Bigano, Cmcc – Ecip division

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